Our Story - Over 40 years of heritage in delivering Filtration Solutions

With an experience of over 40 years of providing high quality filtration products and services to customers in diverse industries, Technical Textiles India has been founded in 2019 by Padam Chand Jain to provide innovative industrial and technical textiles to customers in pharma, edible oil, cement and other industries.

We manufacture high quality filter bags, filter cloths, filter discs and other engineered products.

Selecting the right filter material is the key to achieving the most productive results. When choosing a filter material you must consider particle size, operating temperature, and air or chemical resistance. Whatever your filtration requirements, Technical Textiles India, has the high quality filters you demand.

Providing holistic Filtration solutions - Filter bags, filter panels, and Filter Cloth.

We supply and stock the widest variety of woven/non-woven speciality fabrics, stitch an array of  filter panels and bags with a focus on improving filtration performance for customers across India. Not only do we focus on bringing to you the best -in-class filtration products, but also focus on understanding your specific needs and developing customized filtration solutions.

Our process includes:

  • Technical assessment of your needs including but not limited to particle size to be retained, type of slurry, your current issues in terms of managing throughput and quality amongst others

  • Choosing the right fabric for your specific needs

  • Stitching filtration panels and bags to the specifications of your equipment

  • Monitoring the results of your process in terms of quality of filtration, retention of particles, and life of the products deployed, and

  • Most importantly, building a relationship as a trusted partner and working as an extended member of your process team.

Our Products – From Specialty threads to Fabrics

We source fabrics from the best manufacturers of fabrics with a high degree of quality control in procurement. Our filter panels and bags are made of the finest natural and synthetic media including:

  • Woven Fabrics. Our woven fabrics are available in different weaves and GSM to ensure that the particle retention and throughput is optimal. The fabrics are available in the following fibers.

    • Natural Fabrics – Cotton and Viscose

    • Synthetic filter Fabrics - Nylon, Nylon 66, Polypropylene, Polyester, Specialty polymers - Aramid, Kevlar etc.

    • Special Treatments and effects. We also provide specialty treatments such as one or both side raising, coating etc.

  • Non-woven Filter Fabrics - Needle Felts and adhesive bonded fabrics are part of our portfolio. Special Felts and Adhesive bonded fabrics, which can be provided with several types of specialty treatments including singing/glazing, silicon coated, PTFE coating, Antistatic, Fire retardant etc.

Get customized filter panels and bags for your wet and dry filtration needs

  • Wet Filtration.  We provide a full range of filter Full range of filter press panels, Centrifuge Bags, Fluid Bed Drier Filter Bags, Sparkler filter pads, Disc filter bags, vacuum belt filters, rotary vacuum drum filter belt, coolant filter papers, Nutsche filter bags and more.

  • Dry Filtration- Bags made from woven and non-woven filter media for dust collection systems, bag filters, mechanical shakers, pocket filter bags, vacuum cleaner filter bags, air filters and more…

Focus on Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness of filtration processs

Our approach to problem-solving and customer service is professional as well as personalized. Our experienced team members take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements and provide you a tailored set of solutions to improve filtration efficiency, address business as well as process needs, and help you improve your bottom-line.

Our unwavering commitment to helping our clients succeed has manifested in the design of new products that fit your requirements.