Cement Industry - Technical Textiles and Filter Bags

Filtration Requirements for Industrial uses can vary. Typical requirements include Dust collection bags, coolant filter papers, and water filtration.

Dust collection bags

Dust filters are typically used in bag house filters. Benefit from our expertise in Dust collection bags.

Effluent Treatment Plants and Sewage Treatment Plants

We are committed to creating a sustainable planet and work with our customers to resolve their filtration challenges in water filtration. Whether it is incoming water or outgoing water, our product range can address all your water filtration issues. Products include:

  • Cartridge Filters

  • Filter bags for cartridges.

  • Filter Press Cloth

Coolant Filter Papers

As you strive to capture your metal debris and recycle coolant, Technical Textiles India’s coolant filter papers can optimally save your metal debris and give you clear coolant.

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