Cotton Filter Cloth 

Cotton Filter Cloth

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a comprehensive range of Filter Press Cloth Panels made out of Cotton Filter cloth. 

Our Filter Panels are stitched to perfection for Multiple type and sizes of filter presses.

  • Type of Filter Press: Wooden filter press, Cast iron filter press, PP filter press, Recess filter press, Membrane filter press

  • Round Plate Size: 18” Dia, 24” Dia, 30” Dia, 32” Dia, 36” Dia

  • Square Plate Size: 12” * 12”, 18” * 18”, 24” * 24”, 30” * 30”, 32” * 32”, 36” * 36”, 40” * 40”, 42” * 42”, 48”* 48” & 60” * 60” inches

  • Grams per Square Meter (GSM) - 600, 850 & 950+

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  • Edible Oil Filtration

  • Fertilizers and Chemicals

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Food & Beverages

Cotton Filter Cloth - Reduces Contamination in Food items

Cotton filter cloth is highly popular in filtration of edible oils. The swelling of cotton fibre in alkaline media creates a better gasket effect during filtration. Cotton filter cloth can be used in high temperature settings as well as below:

  • Neutral filter pulp under 212 °F

  • For acid filtration up to 68 °F

  • In Alkaline solution under 50°F

With the development of synthetic fabrics like polyester, usage of cotton filter cloths is reducing due to its weak resistance against mildew and propensity to shrink/expand. However, cotton filter cloth does not contaminate the media and add any pollutants or harmful substance. Hence, it finds high degree of usage in edible oil filtration.

Remark: All cotton styles available pre-shrunk or unfinished.

Cotton filter cloth details:

  • Custom dimensions are available

  • Weave patterns: plain and twill

Talk to us for additional information for determining the right filter media for you.