Nylon Filter Cloth

Nylon Filter Cloth

Nylon Filter Cloth

Nylon filter cloth features the greatest abrasion resistance among the other three frequently used filter fabrics including polypropylene, polyester and cotton. It is often found in filtration applications of abrasive dusts and wet abrasive solids where abrasion resistance plays an important factor.

To meet various applications, Technical Textiles India provides Nylon Filter Cloth woven in plain, leno, and satin patterns made from spun as well multi-filament yarns.

We also provide Nylon Mesh Cloth as well.

Why nylon filter cloth?

Nylon is chosen for the following properties:

  • Excellent abrasion resistance.

  • Excellent cake release.

  • Fine particle filtration.

  • Ideal for low temperature.

  • High tensile strength.

  • Good elasticity is ideal for continuous flexing purposes.

  • Suitable for caustic alkali atmosphere like dyestuffs.

  • Working temperature: 248 °F (constant); 275 °F (surge).

Where Nylon filter cloth used?

  • Ceramics.

  • Mining.

  • Metallurgy.

  • Waste water treatment


  • Not suitable for acid application.

  • Not available for food processing and pharmaceuticals for nylon cloth can release a trace of harmful substances.


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