Pocket Filter Bags for Unit Dust Collectors

Pocket Filter Bag

Pocket Filter Bag

Pocket Filters are the most common air filters in HVAC systems for industrial and commercial applications as well as for residential use to improve indoor air quality and comfort. The filters in the supply air are used as first and second filter stages, either as complete filtration solutions for these applications or as pre-filters for clean room process applications. The filters are also used in the exhaust air or in re-circulation systems to protect the air handling units. Bag filters have a significantly higher dust holding capacity and longer lifetimes than other filters. 
Typical Media: Glass fibre, synthetic or glass fiber/activated carbon

  • Pocket filter bags are assembled in a galvanized steel frame and are made out of synthetic filter fabrics

  • Melt-blown fabric or activated carbon filter cloth which has high surface adsorption, ability to deal effectively with odour and control organic pollution from gases such as sulphur dioxide

  • Suitable for HVAC systems in airports, buildings and commercial complexes to reduce the odour

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