Coolant Filter Papers

What are Coolant filter Papers?

Coolant Filter Papers are typically used in the machine tool process to separate metal debris and dust from the coolant, enabling the coolant to be recycled and precious metal waste to be reutilized.

We supply continuous band filter papers of varying particle retention size to retain the particles from the contaminated filter media. The clean coolant filters out through the fabric leaving a “cake” of the metallic particles.

Coolant Filter Paper Roll

Coolant Filter Paper Roll

Coolant Filtration Equipment

Coolant Filtration Equipment

Our range of Coolant Filter Papers

Technical Textiles India provides a wide range of options for coolant filter paper options

  • Type: Adhesive bonded, synthetic filter papers and more

  • Materials: A Diverse set of materials such as polypropylene, polyester, cellulose, polyester, and vinyl is available

  • Gram-mage and Particle retention capability is determined by the gram-mage, weave, and construction of the fabric

  • Our high-grade Filter Paper is relatively inexpensive for all functions

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