Vacuum Belt Filters

What are Vacuum Belt Filters?

The vacuum belt filter is used for the filtration of liquids and de-watering of sludge, which are rich in solids, quite often about 50-60% of the slurry. The vacuum belt filter utilize gravity along with additional vacuum support, by using fixed vacuum trays with a continuously moving belt on top of the same. The belt may move continuously or in steps in sync with the slurry feed. As a result, higher throughput and better de-watering of the filter cake can be achieved. Depending on the application, filter fleeces or endless filter belts are used. 

Cake washing is accomplished by nozzle sprays or drying by vacuum.

Vacuum Belt Filter Cloth

Vacuum Belt Filter Cloth

Vacuum Belt Filters

Vacuum Belt Filters

Our range of Vacuum Belt Filter Fabrics

  • Our vacuum belt filters are tailored to customer specification.

  • We utilize polypropylene fabrics with high bursting strength, great particle retention (specific fabrics are suggested based on the micron size), and high chemical compatibility.

Industry applications of vacuum Belt filter applications include:

  • Hydro-metallurgy

  • Purification of minerals and base metals

  • Benefaction of minerals

  • Sewage filtration

  • Removal of chloride and other contaminants

  • Pump filtration from thickener under-flows

  • Flotation pump filtration to recover concentrates

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