Management Team

Technical Textiles India was founded in 2019 by Padam Chand Jain, an entrepreneur with over 4 decades of experience and is backed by a team of seasoned professionals with experience spanning the following areas:

  • Sourcing of the right and the finest filter fabrics

  • Development of filtration solutions for your specific needs

  • A modern factory with the finest machinery for cutting and stitching filter bags and panels

  • A team of tailors who have the right level of expertise to understand your needs and design the filter panels and bags to your exacting specifications.

We do not see ourselves as just a supplier of filter panels and bags but as a partner in helping your achieve optimal process performance We apply our knowledge and experience that has gained from 4 decades of experience to develop leading edge filtration services and solutions.

Padam Chand Jain

Padam Chand Jain

President and Partner, Technical Textiles India.

A first generation entrepreneur, Padam Chand Jain, along with his brother founded and successfully ran a partnership firm in the area of filtration textiles for over 4 decades.

With a new and pioneering vision of creating an organization that brings world-class technical textile solutions to India, Padam has now founded Technical Textiles India. His vision is to create an organization that sees itself not as a supplier of technical textiles but as a supplier of fabrics but one that focuses on providing holistic solutions.

Over the last 4 decades, Padam has focused on cultivating customer and vendor relationships to ensure delivery of high quality technical textiles to customers in diverse industry markets. His experience spans across edible oil industry, cement dust collection, pharmaceutical filtration solutions, capital goods, rubberizing and other industries.

At Technical Textiles India, Padam manages key customer and vendor relationships besides supervising the factory operations of the company. He focuses on ensuring that the customers of Technical Textiles India are able to solve their process problems and achieve the business results they seek.

Padam can be reached at

Manish Jain

Partner, Technical Textiles India

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As a Partner for Technical Textiles India, Manish Jain is responsible for driving the overall strategy, growth and profitability of the company. As a textile engineer with over 2 decades of experience in diverse industries, Manish is a responsible for operations and sales functions at Technical Textiles India. Additionally, Manish is the founder and CEO of CMO Needs, a digital marketing services company.

Prior to Technical Textiles India, Manish was responsible for marketing and solution design functions at Access Healthcare, a 11,000 people strong healthcare business process servies company, as the company’s chief marketing officer. In this role he enabled the transformation of the company’s marketing processes with thought leadership, integrated social media strategy, and digital marketing.

Prior to Access Healthcare, Manish worked with Dell Services as the Solutions Architect Director for diverse industries including Healthcare Payer & Provider, Life Insurance, Banking and Financial services. He was responsible for establishing the company’s content operations services and social media listening and insights services.

Manish began his career with Voltas’ textile machinery division as a service engineer responsible for installation of spinning and weaving machinery across South India. Post which, he joined Vision Healthsource, a 100 people start up, which was sold later to Perot Systems, and became Dell Services eventually.

Manish holds an MBA from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad, and a Bachelor’s degree in Textile Technology from DKTE’s Textile and Engineering Institute.

Jyothi Rakesh

Jyothi Rakesh

Head-Marketing and Finance, Technical Textiles India

Jyothi Rakesh is a woman entrepreneur with varied business interests in marketing as well as in the field of industrial textiles. With over 8 years of experience, Jyothi is responsible for driving the marketing and finance functions at Technical Textiles India.

Prior to Technical Textiles India, Jyothi had a successful career in Banking and led the Credit Card Dispatch operations at ICICI Bank, Chennai.