Pulse-Jet / Reverse Pulse Jet Air Bag Houses

Pulse-jet (P/J) or reverse-jet bag houses use compressed streams of high pressure air to remove particulate matter. During cleaning, brief (0.1 second) pulses of air are pushed through the bag, dislodging solids which collect in a hopper below. The recommended air to cloth ratio for these bag houses is between 3.25:1 and 4.0:1.


  • Cleaning mechanism allows P/J bag houses to be cleaned while the system is online.

  • More complete cleaning than shaker or reverse air bag houses, lengthening bag life.

  • Operates at lower pressure drops and with lower space requirements.


  • Requires the use of dry compressed air

  • Requires special fabrics for higher temperatures.

  • Cannot tolerate high moisture levels or humidity in exhaust gases.